Storyline not work with the new version of flash 17

I currently have the latest Flash Player 17 running on my machines.

Whenever I run Storyline, I am asked to update to Flash 10 as this is required by Internet Explorer to run Storyline?

When I "go with it", it brings me to the Flash update page which tells me I have Flash 17 installed. I reinstall and then Storyline executes. But Storyline 2 no run.

Any suggestions on why this is happening?

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LeAndra Fisher

Hi Ashley,

What suggestion do you have for those of us with Storyline 1?  I'm having the same issue Patri did when I re-installed Storyline on my computer after it crashed.  I currently have Flash 18.

At this point, I can't even open Storyline because of the error.

Thanks for any help you can share!

Paul Miller

It would be safe to say with SL1 and or SL2, the update version has some correlation with the Flash version that it's compatible with, correct?

We have a client that has an LMS with very specific requirements. Content needs to be published with a specific SL1 update version and Flash version. I don't know what those requirements are yet, but my computer is up to date with both SL1 and SL2 and may need to remove what I have and reinstall.

I'm assuming a request to Articulate support folks would be required to get an older update version of SL1.



Paul Miller

No, I didn't think they would match. I just thought that for example update 1 works or is compatible with Flash versions 1-5, and update 2 may be compatible with Flash versions 6-10. Something to that effect. No big deal, I still need to find out what version this LMS requires.

Maybe it's not the LMS, but users computers.

Thanks for your response Ashley.