Storyline - Notes, Audio and Levels


Is it possible to have different notes depending on the slide layer not the base slide? Is this possible for audio? Or am I going about it in the wrong way?

I'd like to build a base layer and depending on the button the learner chooses he can learn more on that topic. In powerpoint I would've copied the first slide and hyperlinked it to various other ones. So the learner would think he's still on the same slide, but was actually moving around different ones.

But in Storyline I thought I should do this with layers....

But I can't get it to work..

Can anyone help?


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Mike Collins


Not being able to have separate text notes for different layers isn't good when you wish to export a project to Word to provide a hard copy, or allow folks with accessibility issues to use the word version to run through their screen reader. I think Bruce's request during the beta should have been addressed.

Regards, Mike, UK

Joyce Hensen

Any chance this will be changing any time soon?  I was excited to use fewer slides and try out the layer options, but we have to be able to give the option to view the notes.  If all of the notes for all of the layers are in one place, that could be an awful lot of text.  It does sound as though we'll have to keep doing things the old way if we want users to be able to see and hear separate narration for seperate layers. 

Is this notes/audio issue any different if you use light boxes instead of layers? Or are lightboxes just another name for a semi transparent layer?  I don't see anywhere to insert a lightbox, although I see triggers for lightboxes.   I'm still searching for a tutorial about how lightboxes are added and how they differ from layers.

Cynthia Klassen

Hi Bruce, I'm running into the same problem as Kim Alison...I'd like to have a "base" slide where the learner can click on 3 different characters to learn more about those characters. If I use layers I cannot have different narrator notes. If I use lightboxes, same thing, I cannot show the narrator notes.

Can you suggest anything else?