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Kely McKeown

Hi Crystal,

I'm creating courses in Storyline 360 and uploading them to Docebo.

I've had no issues launching. I'm using the LMS setting "Complete/Incomplete" and no tracking issues so far so I can't speak to the quiz results passing through Docebo. The courses are in published in HTML 5 since Flash is not allowed in their environment. I tested one of my courses on their mobile app and there were no issues launching.

Not only am I doing ID, but I'm also their Docebo LMS Admin. (Many hats!)

I'm curious if you'd had issues? Right now I'm trying to determine the best launch window settings and that's how I ended up at your post.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kely, 

It sounds like you have your hands full with a lot of roles! If launching, playback, and tracking are all working well so far, it sounds like you're in a good spot! 

I haven't used Docebo personally, but hopefully others here in the ELH community can share their settings. Keep in mind if you're using the Modern player in Storyline 360, you won't be able to set the player sizing, as that's only for the classic player. You can read more detail on this here. 

Let us know if you do get stuck anywhere, and we're happy to help! 

Kely McKeown

HI Ashley,

Thank you for letting me know about the player size settings in Modern vs. Classic. I was sure at one point I had adjusted window size settings but I couldn't find them!  For my course I selected Modern hence no window size changes.

The Docebo team responded to my inquiry and here is their answer:

"For SCORM learning objects, our Learning & Support team recommends for these types of packages to be viewed in Full Window view mode."

So for all you Docebo users out there, use Full Window view mode. The Storyline course looks larger but by no means fills the window.


Phil Robinson

Hi all. I have started running into a few issues with Docebo. I am update to date on 360.

Attached are my player settings, publish settings, and the two errors provided by the client. Any ideas?