Storyline on ipad - audio and animation issues

Apr 05, 2013

Hi - was wondering if anyone has had audio issues with playing a course with audio or animation while playing a course via the ipad.

When publishing in Storyline and putting it on a web server, to view via Safari (on an ipad), the audio for the slides sometimes does not automatically play.   It needs the back button clicked on then clicking the'next button play the audio.

As another option to play the audio for the slide, I would exit the course on Safari.  Then re-launch Safari and clicking 'yes' when the resume course bookmark pop-up appeared.  

There also seems to be an issue with regard to animation.  If you are replacing image text, arrows shapes on a slide, etc., have seen the animation stop mid-way, rather than completing all the animation. 

Thus far, the most reliable Storyline courses on ipad have been non-audio courses.

When having audio on numerous slides, the most consistent ipad course has been one with minimal or no animation.

Any thoughts on why the audio would not play when the next button is clicked and the slide has loaded entirely, please?  Any experience with animation not happening on a slide, where it has numerous animations, please?


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Therese White

Hi Mike. 

Thanks for asking.

Apple iPad 2 MC763LL, 32 GB. Playing the course via Safari.

However, not using the Articulate Mobile Player on ipad, as that will not be used when the courses are finalized.

Published in Storyline (web), checkmarking the publishing to include HTML5 output. 

Publishing it like this has been great - it auto-detects and launches the story.html or story_html5.html.

The unique thing is that the audio not playing or that it is cutting off is the inconsistency.  (The same thing happens with regard to animations, although they seem to work better.)

Therese White

Mike Enders said:


What version of iOS are you running?  

Hi Mike, it's IOS 6.1.3 and I am using earphones on the sound.  There's an artile which indicates that it may be due to needing an update, but I think all the developers are using the most up-to-date version.

Here's the article about audio missing/Safari:

Looking forward to your response and diagnosing the issue.  Thanks

Cho Phillips

Hi all,

Old post I see, but recently I have been having the similar issue with audio not playing within the Articulate Mobile Player (using my iPad, of course).

The issue is with a video (I believe it was either an flv or swf prior to publishing) that plays as soon as the curriculum loads, but from there the audio doesn't make a sound (unless you have headphones plugged in). I thought maybe it was the iPad itself, but other audio plays fine from the music and other apps on the device. Also, the content works fine in all the other published formats (the flash and html5 versions).

I think it can be isolated down to the Articulate Mobile Player itself, but since there are no updates and no forums for it I am left perplexed at this moment. Please help.


Jennifer Kois

Frank (and all)

I am having the exact same issue - published in HTML5, Storyline is Update 5, and iPad is on iOS 7 .... I am not using the Articulate Player. Quite frustrated with this! The behavior mimics what Frank and Therese mention. Unlike Nick, it is not tied to first play through ... seems to happen on each viewing.



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