Storyline on iPad for a Trade Show Display

Oct 04, 2013

Has anyone ever created a stand-alone Storyline module to be run on a trade show floor?

I'm working on creating one for a national conference. The iPad would be locked inside a standing case and folks could explore the Storyline module to learn more about our organization. Looking for insight and ideas if anyone else has done the same.

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Frans van der Sman

Have done Storyline at an international conferencelast month!

Instead of a course, I used Storyline to develop 4 different interactive surveysthat allow for people to interact at our booth & submit their views onrelevant topics. We had 4 iPads in fixed stands and all worked well.

Start thinking about the type of peoplethat will visit your booth and be sure to design the material in a way thatit is self explanatory. Experience shows that the majority of visitors know how to work with iPads and appreciate interactive tasks like drag/drop etc.

If you are planning to capture information, you willneed Articulate Online and reliable wifi at the booth too.

Kyle Perry

Thanks for the input, even with my vague request.

Here are a few more details... The module will be interactive. I'm thinking a home screen with different elements of our organization that participants can browse through; things like programs, advocacy, policy, foundation, etc. I will likely embed some videos that I would like to lightbox in for a couple topics.

I imagine an intuitive design with a home screen and each section no more than a couple layers deep. Every screen other than the home screen would have a "home" button so users could easily get back to where they started.

We also want to be able to capture participant's email addresses, if they choose to sign up. Does that require Articulate Online? Or is there another way to store them locally on the iPad or some sort of cloud storage? We will have wifi.

Bruce Graham


One word of may have WiFi - but everyone else will be trying to use it too!

Have a "local" backup.

We downloaded courses to the Library using the AMP "Download" feature. You cannot rely on Tradeshow WiFi.

For emails - why not just go with the old skool  "Glass Bottle and Business Card in exchange for a bag of sweets or something that you squeeze" option? It's a lot less costly!, (although admittedly you do need to transpose them to a database afterwards...)


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