Storyline on iPad using Docebo

Sorry to be so specific, but this is the client we have. We cannot find a size that will work on the iPad in HTML5. of course everything is fine on Flash. on iPad, it is too large in landscape, too small in portrait. Also resizes inconsistently when switching from one mode to the other.

One of our techie guys said he was going to fix some code, maybe CSS. Hope that will solve this. He also said this problem would be fixed in the next SL version. Thanks for any advice.


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Stephen L. Colucci, Ph.d.

Thanks for your question. Yes, it works fine outside of Decebo. We have linked the problem to the fact that Docebo uses two I-frames to display courses. one I-frame opens the player, and another opens the course. the iPad Browsers don't seen to know how to deal with that.

BTW, Moodle uses another method to display courses. it seems possible to adjust the course size to fit.

Dennis Hall

Hi All:

Thought I would share that I am working on a player for Docebo 4.X (up to 4.0.5) that will display the course in full screen even when the learner resizes their browser during course conduct.

I choose to not share this with the Docebo gang since they abandoned us in such a flat manner last year.

I currently have a Captivate course and a Storyline course running on the platform. You can run each course and see that when you resize the browser window with the Captivate course, it remains remains full screen in the window at any size while the Articulate course has a static size.

If you want to see what I mean, go to:

and log in as:

Username: student01

Password: student01

to demonstrate my solution.

My solution works on all browsers and on all tablets (however, if the course is swf output, that will be the usual issue - but the player will still load and resize).

Another advantage of my solution is the right-click menu when playing the course.