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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Luc,

What triggers are not working as expected for you? I've tested a number of courses on my iPhone and although it can be smaller and harder to click on items, it seems to work for me. You'll want to ensure you're using the latest update of Storyline, Update 7 for Storyline 2 and also look at what iOS you're using. 

Also, just in case you'd like to know more about our thoughts and plans for mobile deployment we have a really great white paper here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Luc - I tested on my iPhone 5S with iOS9 and I could click on the menu buttons (had to very deliberately click on them) but what I did see was as Michael showed once the top/bottom bar pops up when I try to use the next/previous buttons and then it's difficult to click further unless you rotate back to portrait and then back to landscape which is something we just saw in Studio '13 and reported to our QA team. It seems it may be the way mobile Safari behaves when you're clicking on that "next" button as it's so close to the bottom and bringing up those navigation bars, but I'm going to open up a case on your behalf so that you can share the .story file with our team so that we can take a better look in regards to that issue and your buttons as a whole. 

Luc Thibault

With further consultation it appears that hovering doesn't work on mobile devices, you need to keep your finger on the icon and tap again - not necessarely intuitive but seems to work somehow.

Other issues currently investigated:

- When I launch the application it is displayed in full screen mode but somehow Safari keep putting borders and menus back?

- Videos are not displayed. The progression bar changes but the content is not displayed.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Luc,

You can see here the documentation about what should work in Flash, HTML5 and AMP - and the hover should work, although a "hover state" is mapped to the down press in the AMP. 

It looks like you're working with Robert in regards to those other issues based on the case I opened for you. I'll keep an eye on the case to share any updates here. 

Kathrine Bird

Was there a better solution for this problem found? My testers have this menu pop up with Iphone 5 and 4. Then the buttons are covered. We have a landscape orientation for the learning app and buttons are in the bar area at the bottom because we want to maximize screen real estate.