Storyline on Sharepoint 2010 - html file won't load

Nov 15, 2016

Hi there

I'm hoping someone can help with an issue we're experiencing playing a Storyline 2 html file on Sharepoint 2010.

I've read a lot of other posts on similar subjects, but nothing matches our situation exactly. We've created a link on one of our sharepoint pages to the story.html file (file path attached).  In the sharepoint filing system itself, we can't get the launch_story file to work, the swf file plays but the hyperlinks inside it don't - so we have ended up using the html file.

However, when we link to it on the sharepoint site the player itself loads but the grey screen with the loading circle just keeps whirring.

Finally, does it make a difference if you choose Web or CD when you publish the files?  I initially chose CD as I thought it would be easier to link to the executable (launch_story) file, but this doesn't work anyway and it is a big NO NO for IT as they believe it can be open to viruses.  I suppose what I'm asking is the html file different if you choose Web or CD output?

Our stakeholder is desperate to get this out to our staff, so if anyone could give me any pointers I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you,



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