Storyline Output in a PDF?

Nov 16, 2012

Anyone know if it is possible to insert linked Storyline output in a PDF document, like having a web object in Adobe Acrobat?

I only have Acrobat 9 and have not kept up with what's possible in the newer versions.  With Acrobat 9, I see you can do that with Flash, sound and videos.

I'm working on helping my old company adopt Storyline.  In preparing needed user documentation, it'd be nice if we could somehow link some Storyline output on the PDF page like a web object and then the reader could do a click and play when needed.

The Storyline content itself would be on another server.  Not looking to embed that directly in a PDF (would get some mighty big PDFs ).

Yes--we could do a plain link but it'd be more inviting if we could do a Storyline web object in a PDF.

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Tex Hale

Hi Gerry

I think it is possible.  I opened a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Pro.  Under the Tools menu there is a link tool under Advanced Editing that allows you to insert a link to a story.html file.   You insert the link using "open file" option, Save, then re-open the pdf.  Click on the link you just inserted and Voila - the Storyline file opens.

Hope this helps.

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