Storyline output in Xcode 9

Hi, there:

I wonder if anyone has succeeded in importing the SL output into the WEBKIT View in XCode, something like what is achieved here ( In the tutorial, the author imports Tumult Hype output into XCode.  (The line of code he uses is here.)
The author imports the .hmtl file and the resource file into Xcode, he copies the code above and it works.
I have tried to import the SL output files, the simulator is launched and seems to work but the app won't finally show.
May it need some extra lines of code? I am not into coding at all, but it would be great if someone can think of a way if it were possible.
Thank you!
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Alexandros Anoyatis

I'm working towards achieving a similar result in both iOS and Android, but in a standardized way.

I can't go into much detail at this point (I used a fairly different method), but so far I have been able to make it work with SL 2 content but no sound (although working towards a solution). Refactoring using SL3/360 output has so far been a complete letdown. I'm getting similar results to yours (i.e. a blank screen) in both environments - hopefully this will change in the future.

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