Storyline - Page Numbers keep changing (2.15 is now 2.22, etc)

Sep 20, 2013

I have built a presentation that navigates simply by going to the next slide number.  After the navigation started going to the incorrect slide, I noticed many of the (auto-generated) slide numbers have changed.  There appears to be no simply way to change the (auto-generated) slide numbers.  I know I can select them and move them around, but this creates a cascading effect and incorrectly changing other slide numbers.

What is a simply way to reorganized the slide numbers in a scene?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi art, the only way you can reorganize the auto-generated slide numbers is by selecting the slides and moving around and you have indicated.

The slide numbering is not really all that important unless you are displaying the numbers in the menu. If you want to display slide numbers in the menu but don't like the way the auto-generating works, one trick is to turn off "Number entries in the menu automatically" and then add your own numbers as part of the slide title.

Art Smith


Thanks for the feedback.  I was trying to simplify navigation from slide to slide by using the NEXT buttons the went naturally to the next slide, but if SL is going to keep changing slide numbers randomly, I cannot predict how SL will mess up slide navigation.

As I've come to learn SL better, I've discovered it's better to turn off all automated (gimmicky) features and built every interactive component from scratch.  Every automated feature I've ever used in SL has come with a price, and the result has been always been the same.  Rebuild everything from scratch, with unique triggers on every side, and move on.

These type things have created some real disappointment and frustration with using the SL product.  


Tim Shelton

Agreed we build everything custom now all Storyline interactions like perfect setups i.e. 8 drag options 8 targets its not a fan of red herrings, dropdowns have to have the same set of option if on the same slide, drag and drop where all answers are correct will not allow you to drag into a no box. 

in the end if you build the logic you know if its right or not.