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Feb 27, 2019

We've had two reports today where content just isn't loading and learners are getting "stuck". The content has all been released and on our LMS with hundreds of learners going through it without any issue for some time now. Neither lesson is very complex, so they shouldn't be too prone to error. It doesn't seem to be limited to a specific browser. I've republished, just to be safe, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. Has there been some sort of funky browser updates recently that I may have missed? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi, Kristin! Glad you were able to narrow down a part of it - no connection between those two pieces? Are they all accessing from the same network or connection too? Perhaps it's a bandwidth issue with traffic at that time. I'd be curious to know if they can log into the LMS at that moment from another non-connected device to see if they're able to continue the course. 

Kristin Savko

Nope, there actually is no connection between the two pieces - the one we figured out had to do with someone having an old url that I didn't know still existed. (whoops!) The other one is literally brand new content that we put up less than a month ago, so that's definitely not this case this time around.

Our support team actually logged in as the student from our building, and the student WAS still stuck from her log in. She reset the lesson, and the student was able to pass the next time through. The slide that got stuck was a multiple-choice question slide. Other than a background image, it wasn't really altered outside of the defaults, so it peels like an odd place for a student to get stuck.

Crystal Horn

Hi Kristin. Thanks for the details. We've had one other report of content freezing on a random question slide in Google Chrome, but it seemed specific to the customer's file. If you find this happening on the same course for other learners, would you mind sharing the course with us for testing? We'll be happy to help.

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