Storyline performanance slower on a i7 processor!

Hi there,

I am a newbie to this forum and Articulate Storyline. I am currently using a trial version in order to find out if this is the right software for me.

I have trialed the application on two laptops and have seen considerable differerance in performance. What I have noticed is that Storyline performs faster on a slower processor (intel i3& 2gb ram) then the faster processor laptop (intel i7 with 24gb ram).  I pursummed this it would be the other way around.

Does anyoone know why I am having this problem? As the slower processor is loading slides and scenes in twice the speed! Its quite unsual.

Any hints and tips would be great as I will be using the faster laptop on a permanent basis so i need it to perform better!

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Alpesh Mistry

Hi gerry,

Its more evident when im publishing and previewing scenes, slides and whole projects. In regards to general use of the software it takes a little while to open existing files. This is not the case on the slower laptop.

 I have had the IT help guys at my work to check over my laptop as it is new and they assure that everything is setup fine and it might be a probelem with Storyline and how it operates with a faster processor. When using other programs like adobe creative suite I am not experiencing slow performances either.

Im preety stumped to why this happening.

Thanks for the help so far!

Brian Batt

Hi Alpesh,

I apologize for the performance issues that you're seeing.  I've got a i7 laptop with 8GB RAM and SL is really speedy on it.  What anti-virus software do you have running on that machine?  Sometimes, anti-virus software programs will run an "audit" on every single file or process that is running.  Thus, it causes it to run slower.  I'd start there.

If you continue to have problems, are you in a virtual environment or a Smart Card environment where your files are actually hosted on a remote server or a network drive?

Alpesh Mistry

Hi Brian,

I have just asked the IT guys at my work and they said in not using a virtual or smart card environment. The anti virus I am using is Sophos and this was running on both laptops... so I have been advised by the IT guy that it probably wont be that.

I am truley stumped. Its a shame really as I am trialing another screen capturing program STT Trainer and that too is having difficulties running on BOTH laptops!!