Storyline playback on Chromebook

There are news headlines that Chromebooks are exceeding sales of MACBooks now.

It a good assumption that the Google Chrome browser with integrated Flash plays Storyline on a Chromebook as well as it does on Windows.  

I'd like to hear back from anyone who has tested Storyline playback on a Chromebook just to confirm there are no issues.


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David Sensenig

I tested a Chromebook and had hardly any issues other than slow loading (probably due to the wi-fi network). I tested multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer, free form, drop-down,  and drag-and-drop and all worked. The main issues were design related (font appeared small and sound was too low without headphones). The Chromebook I tested did not load the flash file. In testing other HTML5 mobile devices (android tablets) there were numerous issues (poor text rendering; interactions don't always load); however the Chromebook worked well. 

David Sensenig

I was using Google Chrome. We were concerned with HTML5 performance since HTML5 is inconsistent across devices, so it's possible I had linked directly to the HTML5 load page rather than the story.html. According to this: Chrome on Chromebook does support Flash.

Mike Jones

Hi Ashley,

According to the system requirements, Chrome OS is not a supported platform--Chromebooks do not use Windows or Mac OS X.

Additionally, I've seen where Google has said that Chromebooks support their default flash plugin, but do not support other plugins such as Java. They go on to say that Chrome OS devices can only support these additional plugins whenever additional virtualization and remote software is added.

Since Articulate products rely heavily on Javascript, I don't see how it can be natively supported on a Chromebook.

Can you verify whether or not  the Chrome OS is supported, or that Storyline content will function without Java support?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

For authoring Storyline content it looks like you won't be able to create it on a Chromebook if it doesn't meet our system requirements. As for viewing the published content in an LMS or web server, Storyline doesn't rely on Javascript unless you've included such as triggers - but many LMSs use Javascript. You should be able to access the published content through the installed Chrome browser though.