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Apr 21, 2014

I have created new player tabs for Quiz, Reading, Speaking, etc..

Can I, for example, add multiple quizzes, under the quiz player tab? I want to add all the Quizzes, under Quiz, all reading topics, under Reading, etc.; as well as having the learner be able to access the items through the Menu.

Thanks, again!


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Edwina, and welcome to the forum: If the quizzes were linked (one leads to another) that would be pretty easy to do. Just have the quiz tab lead to the first quiz and then off you go. It's a tougher if the quizzes aren't related to one another. I guess you could have the quiz tab lead to a quiz menu, but that seems overly complex, given that you already plan to have a menu. Screenshot below shows how to change behavior of quiz tab. Let me know how it goes.

Edwina Hanley

Hello Daniel ... thank you for your suggestions. But, when I went back to the player my quizzes do lead into each other. If I force them, the lesson won't make sense.

We're trying to develop blended learning courses ... allowing students free movement through the lesson.

I have a grammar lesson ... then a quiz; then a reading lesson ... then a quiz; another grammar lesson ... then a quiz;  and so on ...

For example, the student can go through the course, following the menu, ... or be able to click on Grammar (from the player) and focus on the Grammar; or just do the quizzes.

But, I think from what you have said ... it's not possible. Can you suggest any workaround. I'm fairly new to the software.

Thanks again ... much appreciated!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, again, Edwina: Do you really need a quiz tab on the player? Isn't it enough to have multiple scenes and then a quiz culminating the scene. You can always give learners the option to go right to the quiz.

My gut says that if the quizzes aren't contiguous or whatever, you probably don't want to access them through a player tab. Player tabs are great for FAQs, helpful hints, people to contact, though. Let me know your thoughts.

Edwina Hanley


Thanks for your great suggestions.

My User wants the learner to move through the menu, to complete the lessons ... not necessarily sequentially, so we do need the menu; but we also want to be able to click on a player tab, to be able to access all the grammar items, within the lesson; quizzes, within the lesson, etc..

We are planning on using this, as a part of a blended learning class, so that the student may already know the grammar, from the in-class lesson, and just do the quiz; or just review specific parts of the grammar, or reading etc.. For example:

Thanks again,Edwina.

Philip Varghese

I think the approach has to be defined first. What is the primary intent? Teach grammar or reading?

If grammar was the primary intent followed by some reading material to reinforce the grammar learnt, then they should be lumped together.

Eg ... Grammar 1, grammar quiz 1, reading 1, reading quiz 1  lumped as lesson 1

          grammar 2, grammar quiz2, reading 2, reading quiz 2, lumped as lesson 2

         … and so on

Each lesson can then be a menu item which candidate can choose from.

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