Storyline Player Bug?

I encounter a Storyline Player bug can anyone help out?


On the Slide Properties of a quiz slide, I have:

1. Removed the "Prev" and "Next" navigation buttons/swipe totally

2. "Reset to initial state" when revisiting

After the user had attempted the question and proceeded to the Results Slide, if failed, user will select the "Restart" button.

When user revisited the quiz slide for the 2nd time, the player reflects "Prev" and "Next" buttons instead of the "Submit" button.

(See attached screenshot)

UPDATE: Resolved by adding a "Reset Results" trigger.

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Deepak Mohanty

Hi Alvin,

Could you share the .story file of the Quiz? And which Storyline version you're using?

While I'm not too sure, what's going wrong here, I must tell you that upon the Result slide there are couple triggers, which we can have for Review and Retry. 

Send me the .Story file with couple of questions, and if possible check this image attached (this might or might not help you).