Storyline player dimensions and customization

Jun 18, 2013

Can someone answer these questions?

1) For a lesson with a story size of 720 x 540, and the player visible, what is the actual screen area of the published content?  Is there a variation in size between html 5 published content and Flash?

2) if the story size is 720 X540, the player and side bar visible, what is the actual screen area of the published content?

3) How do I modify the player dimensions?  (not the story size). We already know how to modify the story size. it's the player, that we are having issues with.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Renee, 

It would depend on which player features you've included. For example:

  • If any slide in your course has a Prev or Next button or if you've included the volume control to your player, it adds an additional 51 pixels in height.
  • If you include the title in the top bar of your course—but no player tabs—it adds 23 pixels in height.
  • If you include a title in the top bar and one or more player tabs, it adds 47 pixels in height.
  • If you do not include a title in the top bar but you do include player tabs, it adds 24 pixels in height.
renee barnes

Ok, we need the "submit" button AND the top bar with the title. So, want to know if there is a way to reduce the 74 pixels in height to a smaller number. I want to customize the player by modifying the code. Is that possible? if it is, where? We are interested in modifying the player for the html5 version.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philippe, 

You may also want to review the information here in terms of the padding adding to the course based on elements you include in the player. As for the rationale of the default size, I'm not on our development or product team, so it's hard to speculate but I assume it's based on the set up of the 4:3 similar set up in Powerpoint. 

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