Storyline Player goes away in Safari when viewing a video

Jun 10, 2020

I created multiple Storyline 2 microlearnings using video. The courses work fine on the desktop through our LMS (SuccessFactors) in Chrome and IE, however I am running into issues in Safari on iPhones. When the video plays, the screen auto resizes to full screen, which eliminates the Storyline Player. When the video ends, to the user, it appears as if the course is stuck. They need to "X" out of the video, or toggle out of the video to see the Storyline Player. Is there a way to always have the Storyline Player display, aka - a way for the video to not auto-resize to full screen in Safari? I do not know of an easy, clean way to explain to hundreds of employees that they need to "x" out or toggle off of the full-size video for the course to keep advancing.

Browser setting: Display at user's current browser...

Player setting: Scale player to fill... (I cannot change this to "Lock player at optimal size" as this appears too large/incorrectly in our LMS)

IOS: 13.5.1

Additional, I have found somewhat of a work around, but the Safari seekbar does not align with the Storyline Player seekbar. For example, if the user scrubs through the video using the Safari controls, the Storyline Player seekbar does not align with it, therefore any triggers at the end of the slide do not align with the Safari video seekbar. To rectify this, I have eliminated the Storyline Player seekbar, and added the "Show Video Controls: Below Video". Is there a way to eliminate the Safari video controls so the user can just use the Storyline Player seekbar?


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Katie Riggio

Hello Nicki,

I'm happy to look into this with you! To make sure we take the best path, could you help me confirm a few more details?

  • What version of Storyline 2 are you using? Click on the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Does the player disappear on other mobile browsers or just Safari?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing the file? You can send it privately to us through this link. We'll gauge the experience on mobile in another LMS environment and delete it after.

In the meantime, you asked a good question in your workaround note:

Is there a way to eliminate mobile Safari's video controls?

This third-party site might offer insight into hiding browser added elements: Hiding Native HTML5 Video Controls in Full-Screen Mode

The community may have experience with this, so I'll open the floor to them!

Nicki Woolsey

Thanks for the response Katie. I'm working off of Update 13: 1804.2716. I've only tested in on the mobile browser in Safari. 

I was able to get it working the way I wanted. Instead of putting the trigger when the media completes to show the layer with the question, I put the trigger to show the next  slide with the question and that seems to work. (They don't have to exit out of the video for the course to continue). It still doesn't show the Storyline Player in Safari when playing the video, but when it progresses to a regular slide, the SL Player appears again. I'm happy enough with the functionality.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Nicki,

Thank you for sharing this update with us! I am glad to see that you are happy with the functionality. 

If you would like us to help take a closer look, we are always more than happy to! You can share the course privately to us using this link.  We'll share our findings and will delete the sample files after having a closer look.