Storyline Player Javascript interaction


So I'm working with Javascript to create custom functionality in my slides.  

I have gone over the best practices here:

This give several good examples of javascript functions but I am unsure of what the api for the articulate player is and what all I can access.

Specifically I would to access some sort of seekTo(Time) type function.

Is there something similar to either of these out there?



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Ravindra Gardi

Thanks for your time and information Dave.

I am trying to achieve below things:

1.      I am trying to find out the JavaScript function(in storyline 3) which is used for JumpToSlide trigger.

2.      I am trying to jump to the particular slide from the outside of the articulate package

3.      Basically, we have our own LMS and TOC. If I clicked on the particulate item of TOC it should execute the jump to slide trigger and jump to particulate page of package.

4.      I have tried below suggested method:

But problem with this method is that it has used the URL to get data and it is loading the module every time when I clicked on the TOC item.

I don’t want to reload the module again and again.

Dave Cox

Yes, the method listed in Step 4 loads the module fresh each time, then reads the parameters passed via the URL to decide which slide to navigate to. This is the method I would've thought to suggest, based on your description in point 2.

If this method doesn't work, I guess I'm still not understanding what you are attempting to do. Are you saying that you want to change slides from external to the course, while the course is currently running?

Dave Cox

The challenge for doing something like that is going to be getting Storyline to respond to an external event. Storyline isn't really designed to operate that way, so its going to be difficult to do short of modifying the player, which I don't recommend.

Since you say that you have a TOC in your LMS, perhaps a different perspective about how you develop your module would help.

Make each module extremely short. So you have a separate storyline module for each topic you want to include in your TOC. You can also link your "next" action on the last slide of each module to the URL link for the next module to allow participants to navigate through the micro-courses seamlessly. Just change the trigger for the next button to jump to the url for the next module.