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Rick Nusz

I suspect it has something to do with not having any slides under each menu item.

Your menu works fine if you include at least the first slide of each scene under each section header in the menu. As an alternative you can use the reset from story button. This will pull in every slide to the menu so that under each section you will have a bunch of 'Untitled Slides'. Then you can rename the first Untitled Slide and delete the section title above but choose to keep the slide you just renamed.

Attached are pics.

Walt Hamilton
Rick Nusz

Restricted navigation was my fist thought but I've also seen this behavior in my local environment after working in a file for a long time.

I save the file, close storyline, open the file and then preview and it works fine.


SL is very leaky in terms of memory. If you want to be happy using it, you will quit and restart about every 2 hours or oftener, especially if you are using lots of videos, or other memory-intensive items.