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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Bob.  While you can add these other marks using the Alt+ codes from your keyboard to menu items in the player, you won't be able to trigger changes in the player menu based on what the user has completed.

Would it be feasible to have a main hub slide that delineates the sections of your course?  Maybe a menu slide that you could lightbox from a player tab?

Bob O'Donnell

Thanks, That's what I thought. No, this is a Section 508 issue. The 508 rule states that you can't use color alone to indicate a change (such as completion). This technically would be a feature request to programming. It could easily be done I think too. They could simply make the visited state change the menu text to "italics" to show its been viewed. Thanks.... I got lots more. Just ran into another 508 issue that I'm about to post.