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Michael Akins

PRIORITY FEATURE REQUEST. I'm leaving this reply for STAFF if you have any way to help get a feature request prioritized. I submitted a feature request (#00395267) to allow adjustment of menu font size, and to implement this ASAP. Personally, this has been a PROJECT KILLER for more than one project here since the menu font ended up be UNREADABLE. I don't see any way to know if this request has any priority. Thanks,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I don't have  influence on which feature requests take priority, but our team really does use the feedback receive when feature requests are submitted by our community members as we can also easily track those and see what items come up the most often. I've gone ahead and share the above post as a feature request on your behalf and you'll likely receive the confirmation email soon that it was received. Although this post is a bit older, the process which feature requests go through still holds true.