Storyline Player Navigation - Looking for similar feature that Presenter provides

Nov 22, 2017


We are new to Articulate and we started off using Presenter first because most of our content is currently linear. Voiced over slides with videos mixed in that are watched from begging to end. We need the user to watch slide in full before advancing to the next slide. Presenter worked great for this. We restricted navigation and set the slide to auto advance after each slide. This kept the next button semi transparent but once a user completed a slide or course the players default next button became available for the to use.

We just started a new project in Storyline with the hope to start making more interactive courses and take advantage of all the advance features. But our current course is still linear and I don't know if I a missing something simple. After searching and reading and watching many great tutorials I still can't find what we are trying to accomplish in Storyline that we able to do in Presenter. 

I have tried different variables, conditions and different triggers but the closes I have got was from the default settings. We went into the player settings and selected Restrict navigation and leave the default next and previous triggers alone. This plays slide and you are unable to advance or click the next button until the slide is completed. If you go back to a slide viewed in full the Next button will now work. This is great and what we want but we also want to have the slide to auto advance or jump to next slide when timeline completes. When we add this trigger, it screws everything up and the next button doesn't work no more. 

Please tell me I am missing one simple step. Any advise or options would be greatly appreciated. 

We would have continued to use Presenter but we want to learn Articulate so we can make our courses with much more interactivity and make use of the advanced features. 

Thank you in advance!


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Ali Goulet

Hey Erik!

I'm happy to help-- thanks so much for reaching out here! So glad you're giving Storyline a whirl 😄

If your course is set to restricted navigation and automatic advancement, make sure that the "When Revisiting" option is set to Resume Saved State:

This will ensure that the next button is usable when revisiting the slide.

If that doesn't do the trick, would you mind sharing your unpublished .story file so I can take a look at the settings you're using first-hand? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment here.

Really appreciate it! 

Erik Abasciano

Hi Ali, 

Thank you for your taking your time to read, reply and provide a suggestion. I apologize for the delay in my response. With the holidays and all the resent changes we made, we are finally getting to our second course using Articulate. 

I tried your suggestion and unfortunately it did not work for us. 

After doing some more reading and testing, I find that our problem isn't so much with the default settings when adding "restricted". Both the menu and next and previous buttons work exactly as explained here on your website

The problem we are having is when we add a trigger that we set to: Jump to Next Slide, When Timeline Ends. 

This trigger, combined with Restricted, never allows the "Next" button to be used. 

To save on file size and time, I attached a simple Storyline test file with the settings we are using and I attached a Articulate Presenter version using the same restricted settings. The Articulate Presenter version works exactly how we would like the Storyline version to work. 

I did find a workaround for the first program we posted. If I switch the trigger from: jump to next slide when timeline ends to jump to next slide when media completes, it works as we attended. I added this to one slide in the Storyline test attached. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. As our goal is to use Storyline to add more interactive training elements while being able to produce a liner Presenter style when we need too. 

Thanks again for your help!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erik,

Thanks for sharing the samples - I wanted to make sure I understand your needs first! 

You'd like a course that: 

  • Has the navigation restricted at the menu level, so the user can only advance to the next slide
  • For the user to be on the slide till the timeline ends with the only option to go back to a previous slide (1st time through) 
  • When the timeline ends, automatically advance the user to the next slide 
  • When the user revisits a slide, they are able to use the next button 

Let me know, and we'll go from there! 

Erik Abasciano

Hi Ashley, 

Thank you for the quick follow up and your time, its very much appreciated.

And yes, that what we are looking to achieve using Storyline. 

Basically the default way "Restricted" works currently with the addition to advance slide automatically when the timeline ends.

Please let me know if you need any additional information from me. 



Erik Abasciano

Hi Ashley, 

I had searched through the forums prior to posting and I have found others looking for a similar answer. One suggestion was to create two scenes of the same content. Lock the first scene up and when you reach the last slide of that scene, create a review button that moves to the duplicate scene. But this scene has no restrictions. 

This does work but with its own negatives. It doubles the file size and if you follow the original suggestion it doesn't allow to go back a slide the first time through. 

I just happy that I wasn't completely missing something really simple because it works exactly the way we want in Presenter. 

I appreciate you looking into this and any feedback anyone has would be great. Like I mentioned previously, it does seem to work if we change the trigger from jump to next slide when timeline ends to jump to next slide when media ends. So, we have options but if there is others, we would love to hear them. 

Thank you, 


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