Storyline Player: Properties greyed out - how to fix?

Hi everyone.

After a long while, there is another question from me. I took over the elearning production with storyline with a given template and player. 

In the attached screenshot you can see, that "Features", "Menu", "Glossary", and "Resources" are greyed out.

I am pretty sure, I can fix this by exporting the Player as an XML, adjusting the XML and then importing again. 

As I do not want to guess, where to adjust in the XML, I would be more than happy, if someone could give me some advice.

Thanks so much!


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Joe,

Unfortunately you appear to have left out the screen shot, but not to worry.

If you need to make changes to the player options, you can do this from within Storyline by selecting Player in the Home menu (right hand end, next to Preview):

This should enable you to make the adjustments you require, prior to re-publishing your Storyline file or re-saving your Storyline template.