Storyline player question

Apr 14, 2015

Hello, everyone

I recently saw a published Storyline course that included copyright information within the Player under the left navigation sidebar.  Does anyone know how this can be done?

NOTE: I looked at the actual Storyline source file and did not see it as part of the Player properties.


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Jacqueline Sirota

Since I cannot share the course (NDA) -- I can only show you this doctored up screenshot of the Player.

See attached file. I've blanked out a lot -- but you can see how the logo, copyright, for educational purposes line is included at the bottom of the Player. I'm thinking that this needs to be done via the SDK ( which I'm not going to do.)  But ... I wanted confirmation from this community that there isn't an "easy" way to do this in Storyline that I've missed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacqueline,

Here are directions on how to make a "chromeless" player - this would take out all elements such as the sidebar, next/prev buttons, etc. and allow you customize all that and set it up on a slide master that could be applied to every slide. So you'd have to set up the navigation in addition to the copyright info - and it would be a lot to set up, but then fully customized without having SDK/Flash coding skills. :-) 

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