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Eilert Torsnes

Hi Peter

Do you mean for instance to add a glossary button to one slide, without having that button on any other slide?

If thats what you asking, you can click the cog in the bottom right corner of the slide-edit window.

This will open the slide properties, where you can choose custom player features for the selected slide.

Do you know what features the new update came with, besides translation of XLIFF (do you mean the XML/player text labels?)


Peter Faulhaber

Hi Eilert,

Thanks for your reply. You're right, but it is only the default player tabs and what I want to do is the same action for customised tabs.

Other new features are:

Articulate Storyline Update 1 is now available!It includes a new translation feature, Tin Cansupport, enhanced HTML5 output, and more.

TranslateCourses with Ease

It’s now simple to localize your content forlearners anywhere. With Articulate Storyline Update 1, you can export all textin your course—including text on slides, notes, and the player—to MicrosoftWord or XML format for translation, then import edited text back into yourcourse with formatting preserved. It’s a snap. You can even use the feature tosimplify reviews by legal departments and subject matter experts.

TrackLearners on iPads

With Storyline Update 1, you can track andmanage mobile learners who view courses using the Articulate Mobile Player appon iPad. Any learning management system (LMS) with Tin Can support, includingArticulate Online, can now track and report on the activity of these learnerseven if they move midcourse between a desktop, laptop, and iPad.

TriggerNavigation Buttons

Just like you already could with the nextbutton, Articulate Storyline Update 1 lets you add triggers to the previousbutton to customize feedback, navigation, and more.  

EnhancedHTML5 Output

You can now add glossary and notes tabs to yourHTML5 output—which also supports JavaScript triggers and custom player textlabels.

Eilert Torsnes

Hi Peter,

I managed to locate the info about the update on the http://www.articulate.com/blog/, but thanks for posting

As for the customized tabs I don't think you can add them in the player. But what you can do is to remove all the tabs in the player menu, which will reduce the default player to a thin frame.

Then use buttons/shapes/hotspots/oranyotheritem + triggers to create a custom user interface.


I will fix an example and post here