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Antony Snow

Hi Danny,

Custom skins for Presenter are created using the Software Developers Kit (SDK) which unfortunately isn't yet available for Storyline. I understand that it is on the radar to be launched but I don't know when this will be.

However, if you are looking to customise the player, there is a useful job aid here.


Elliott Silverman

Hi, is it possible to customize the Articulate Presenter player in Studio 360? And I don't mean change the  color or turn on or off the sidebar menu; I mean things like change the look and feel of it and add custom text and/or buttons to it.

I can see there is an option on the Player Properties menu called Current Player with a dropdown selection arrow and when you open this dropdown there is an option to Import which looks for an *.xml file. Is there where alternative player skins should be found and should they be in *.xml format? If so, are any alternative player skins provided? Is the intention that a developer can export the built-in skin and customize it separately using an xml editor?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Elliott,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create.

All of our documentation on customizing your player in Presenter 360 can be found here.

We do not have any player skins that we provide and do not support the modification of published output.

Hopefully, the community will be able to chime in and share any design ideas that they've utilized that may be helpful.