Storyline Player Template - logo not saving in the logo area

Jul 27, 2012

I have created my own player template skins with a logo and saved it. However, when I go back to open it up and reuse it, the logo has jumped out of the logo area. I have to delete and reinsert it. I've tried jpg, png, and gif  versions of the logo and all do the same thing. Any ideas? I want to make it just right to export it to send to the team.  What should I do?

Thank you for your help.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Sheila!  Thanks for the logo!

It works fine for me.  No jumping in preview or when publishing . . .

Can you do this for me?  Check your screen resolution.  Windows default is 96 dpi.  Sometimes folks jump it up to 120 dpi or higher--however, Storyline does not support that.  Here's a recent post by Pete on the same:  - he also includes a link to how to change that:

Not sure that's causing the issue but it's worth a try.  Let us know if it helps or not.

One more tip:  your logo is 184 pixels wide.  Try making it 244 pixels wide.  When it's smaller than that, like yours is, it gets scaled up a bit and may not be as sharp looking.  A logo can be as wide as 244 pixels in the logo panel.  (The height can vary.)

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Sheila! Thanks for the clarification.  I missed that.

Yes, I see the logo jump now.  But I was able to fix it quickly by deleting the logo and then re-adding it.  Not the best as it's a couple of extra steps but it worked for me.

I did not see the logo jump when instead of doing a "save as," I exported the original player and then imported it back into a new project.  That worked fine.

I'd report the jumping of the logo as a bug.

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