Storyline Player versus the In-built Player

Hi folks. Can I ask a stupid question? What is the difference between the "Player" and the in-built "Video Player" that plays in-built movies? Or, more correctly, why is there a difference?

I use a chromeless "Player" stripping out all the navigation buttons, resources, CC & volume buttons, etc, to create a self-contained slide that I populate with my own buttons.

I'm so used to my client's interface that I don't even consider the modules built as being 'movies' sitting within a Storyline Player. Rather, I kind of consider them as web pages to be navigated accordingly.

But anytime I have to embed a video I use the in-built "Video Player" option which is exceedingly basic (grey, dull, inflexible and old - like myself really).

I have even attempted to adjust settings within the "Player > Colour & effects" options only to realise this only affects the overall "Player" and not the in-built "Video Player". Why can't this be editable to some degree?

Is there any chance that this slick, sleek, new-fangled 'modern' player interface could be applied to the in-built player for all of us fuddy duddy's who do not want to use an external option like JWPlayer?

Modern Player with in-built player on screen

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Diarmaid Collins

As I mentioned in another thread, I notice the video explaining the new seekbar feature is using Wistia, a JWPlayer alternative, that offers a degree of flexibility with regards the player's interface. Is there any chance that kind of feature could be incorporated into the in-built "Video Player"?

Basically, the inbuilt option is extremely antiquated now, and the only 'update' recently has been to include closed captions which is kind of appalling, really.

Is there any timeline/roadmap/desire to develop customisation options for the inbuilt player?

Crystal Horn

Well Diarmaid, I have to say, I completely disagree with you.  Your writing is bright and edgy, AND you've managed to evolve with us from Storyline 2 to our "new-fangled" versions 3 and 360, with loads of new features to master, including the Modern player.  Not quite dull and inflexible.  Fuddy duddy... Ok, I'll let you have that one.  😉

Seriously though, you raise a great point about the contrast between our fresh Modern and responsive players, and the older in-line video player for videos inserted from files.  We don't have any upcoming changes to announce currently, but I'll make sure we document the impact and begin to prioritize this feature request.

Thanks for being a part of the community!

Diarmaid Collins

Thanks Crystal. I am an old dog who, unexpectedly, loves new tricks! But I'll always be a fuddy duddy even though I am not quite sure what that technically means.

The reason I bring up the contrast between the new, sleek, modern player and the old, archaic and "not-even-retro-in-an-ironic-way" in-built player is that there seems to be a major push with Storyline 360 development to introduce new-fangled whizz-bang 'features' without any regard for existing elements that badly need addressing. I've mentioned it before in other threads. It has been noted more frequently since the introduction of 360.

The in-built player is a case in point - it is so inflexible that a number of clients have moved to JWPlayer and I don't think they'll ever look at using the "functionality" of Storyline in that regards ever again. It has also introduced the idea of 'alternative options' to them and, in the long run, if Articulate do not make a massive effort to fix some basic issues, then these are customers who will drift away from your products towards other, tailored, technologies.

I cannot understand how your developers could look at what they are doing with regards the overall player and not desire to do the same for the in-built player. It's obviously a corporate decision but it is a decision process that seems to permeate throughout - there are items that have been highlighted as issues 5-6 years ago that still have not been addressed or fixed and the frightening thing is, at this stage, they never will. Which leaves us all with a depressing air of forlorn hope every time we make an effort to ask questions on these boards.

It would be seriously great if Articulate could take a look at what they are offering and try to make it better. Or even look around at what other's are offering and think "wow, we should/could/oughtta do something like that, only better!"

Anyway, apologies for the ramble.