Storyline problem with embedded Youtube video on iMac

Hi.  I created a course with an embedded Youtube video, published for CD.  It is the second slide in the course.  It works fine on my PC, but on the iMac, the first slide runs fine, but the presentation will not move to the second slide with the embedded video.  Either nothing happens (locks) or the little wheel spins incesantly and I can't move anywhere else.  When I close the presentation and re-open, all other slides work provided I don't try to get to the video slide.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Errol Muir

Many thanks Mike. The file that I use to launch is the story.html file, though that might run a .exe file. It may not be a problem when I load onto the University's Blackboard LMS and Apple users download the HTML5 version.  I hope not as many of my students use Macs and it would be a shame to have to workaround and not be able to embed youtube links into the presentations. I appreciate your thought on this.


Mike Enders


It does run an .exe file when you publish to CD.  That's likely the issue.

As for Blackboard, you can publish to LMS to have it tracked, or to web if you dont need the tracking.  In either case, there's no .exe involved.  Just zip the output, load the zip file to Blackboard, and, depending upon the version of Blackboard, instruct it to unzip the package and point it to the story.html file.