Storyline problems

I recorded a process using Storyline but when I play it back  can't get the part to work where you have to enter the text. For example, I have to enter a first name in one box and move to another box to enter the last name. The Storyline process always shows it as both names on one line and the video stops working at that point. Anyone know how I can fix it?

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Jan Lua

Hi Heidi,

Let's try to figure out what's causing the issue. Have you set specific variables for the text entry box on your slide? If so, have you adjusted the triggers to match the entry?

Are the variables set to a specific text or empty by default? After the text entry box gets validated, what should happen next on your triggers?

For test purposes you can add a text box with %nameofvariable% to show if the entry is being stored correctly as well.

If you can share with us the story file or a sample of the slide you are having issues with, it should help a lot.

Looking forward to your reply.