Storyline Publish to D2L Issues??

Hi Heroes,

I have been working on a project for our online courses here at Maryville University in STL. I utilized Storyline to build an audio presentation. It was originally built in PowerPoint, then moved to Presenter, and then to Storyline because of its HTML 5 capabilities.

So when I went to preview my project in Storyline, it looked great. When I published it, it looked great (I opened it from the successfully published page). Then I zipped the folder and uploaded it to D2L.

Thats where the trouble arose. Now I cant hear my  presentation (I know its there because I added the seekbar to my presentation) and it takes FOREVER to open. The spinny wheel keeps going for a minute or so before FINALLY opening (if you could call it that), but the menu on the left side with all my "slides" seldom appears.

I have published both as a web page and to LMS.

Someone help me PLEASE!!

Thanks, Emily

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