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Good Afternoon,

So, as many other companies have and are doing...we are looking into purchasing a new authoring tool. We currently have Articulate Studio '09, which I have grown to like more than I even realized. Because now that I have started researching, most of the programs I have tested come up wanting.

Two of the biggest issue for me with Storyline:

  • Very limited animation...are there really only 5 or so? How are people handling animation because I know I used zoom, motion paths, etc. in Publisher a lot.
  • Animation there no way to se the exact seconds it takes something to fade in or fly out? In my demo I only found fast, slow, medium type settings.

But I love the Articulate community and the ease and helpfulness they provide. Still, no matter how helpful people are, if the porgram can't do what I'm wanting...

That said, the other programs we are looking at have road-blocks and issues too. Anyway, I thought I'd throw out some of my questions on here and see what responses I got. 

So, for current Storyline do you feel. I've read enough forum posts to know people think the timeline is great and the software is relatively easy to use. But I want to make cool presentations. How are you doing that? What are some of the biggest tips you might have before purchasing or to consider in purchasing?


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Rachel, although it would be nice to have more animation options I find that I can do most of the things I want with the existing set.

You can't set the animations in seconds but you can control how long an image will appear on screen before it fades in or out by its placement on the timeline. You can also add the direction of the fade which can be put to good creative use.

I also use states and layers to create the illusion of movement and the zoom feature can be very powerful.

Tim Slade

Hi Rachel,

I think you'll find that the general consensus is that we'd all like to see more animations in Storyline (which I think Articulate is working on?).

With that said, the reason I love Storyline so much is how it enables me to do things that I couldn't do before. For example, prior to Storyline, a lot of the things I wanted to do (i.e., rollovers, etc.) would have required some level of programing. So, in that way, Storyline allows me to create advanced features into my courses with zero programing. That is huge, because I think the vast majority of eLearning designers out there are like me - we have a lot of creative ideas, just not the programing knowledge to execute them.

Storylines bridges that gap for us. 

I hope this helps!