Storyline Quits Unexpectedly - NEED AUTOSAVE

Jul 18, 2012

While I really love Storyline and all the great features and capabilities it offers, I am a little frustrated right now....

Anyone else having issues with Storyline quitting unexpectedly in the middle of creating a slide...This has happened to me on 4-5 occasions and I have lost what I was currently working on. Several hours one time.

Sure would be nice to have an Autosave feature.

Anyone else agree or experiencing the same issues.

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Ashley W

Mike Enders said:

Hey guys...

I've been thinking about this recently too and have pondered the implementation of an "autosave" feature.  Do you have thoughts on how it would work best?  My personal concern is that if I've got a really large file with lots of media, it can take 20 seconds for all that data to be crunched during a save process.  Thus, if I'm on a roll and getting some great work done, I'd likely get frustrated if Storyline stopped my flow every now and then while it autosaved.   Are you thinking that there would be an optional setting where you control how often it saves?  For my part, I like controlling when I I'm not sure I'd like Storyline doing it for me.

@Ashley, you mention the software crashing so frequently.  I honestly can't recall the last time Storyline has locked up or crashed on me so it sounds like something is askew.  Do you have a sense for when it happens most often? Any particular processes or actions (such as screen recording, inserting media, inserting 100 triggers, etc.) that you're working on?  Would love to try and figure this out as it must be frustrating for you!


In my experience, it's pretty common for autosave to allow you to tell it how often to safe, isn't it?  I feel you on the 20-30 second save times, but, like Bruce said, I'd take that over re-working stuff again and again.

As for the software, no, it really just crashes at random points that I usually don't see a pattern in. 

Yesterday it crashed on me when I resized a text box.  It's mostly random moments like that.

The only time it has consistently crashed on me is when I was working with screen casts.  Trying to copy/paste a screen cast slide just absolutely killed Storyline, every time.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Bruce Graham said:


Switched option - on or off, with some timing frequency options.

That way I too decide how often it it saved.

I would rather insure against loss rather than be at the mercy of the reboot-monsters.

I'd rather have a 20-second saving period than having to re-work content - any day.

Just wanted to weigh in. Ditto.
Per Norsten

I think all what need to discussed is now discussed.

An autosave option enabling the user to decide how often autosave is done, was implimented i office a decade back.

Some way microsoft figured it out. Saving your work in office takes time. Autosafe you do not even recognise.

Even i choosed to have a PC not doing anything else but storyline it chrashes from time to time, so I think, no more discussion - just do it - its not nice to have it is need to have.

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