Storyline quiz - combine single answer, multi answer, non-graded question all in one quiz?

Jan 09, 2018

Hi there

I have a situation where the customer wants to create a quiz that combines several things.

For example, they want a quiz to contain:

Question 1 - standard, radio button, single answer item
(however, client does not want to give user an option to review/try again... show correct answer immediately - for this item only)

Question 2 - check boxes, multi-answer item (2 answers are correct and should be selected) Need to allow option for user to review/try again on wrong answer.

"Question 3" - they do not want this item graded as part of the quiz. It's essentially just for the users to ponder and help their thought process -- that's why I put Question 3 in quotes. It's not really an active question. It's for the trainee to document their initial thoughts on preliminary diagnosis. They want to collect and archive the responses provided here to see if there are trends in user answers, but not have it be graded.  Would I just insert an extra slide of content for this? Does that break up the quiz functionality/scoring? I don't even know where to begin with this one!

*** Is such a combination of types possible in one quiz?

*** Am I able to capture user-written text from a form field (ala Question 3)?


Another client request...

This learning module is a set of 12 case studies. Each case study will have a quiz. Is it possible to tally the results of quizzes 2 - 12 into a final, grand total score, even though they will all be separate quizzes? (for some reason they don't want case 1 quiz tallied in with the others)

I presume I'd need to set a variable for each quiz result to hold that score, then create some sort of equation to combine all the scores into a percentage?? ack.

*** Is such a thing possible? Is there another way I should consider approaching it?


Thanks for any advice/direction.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Karen!

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. Is the customer using an LMS (Learning Management System)? Because that is where the information that is gathered in the course is tracked and viewed.

For the first part of your question, yes you can definitely include all those question types in 1 quiz. 

You'd want your first question to be a "multiple choice" question type, and you can just give 1 attempt and show the feedback immediately. 

For the second question you can use a "multiple response" question type, and give the user unlimited retries so they have to keep going until they get it right. 

For the third question you can use a Survey question type. Survey questions gather information from the learner that is collected in the LMS, but survey questions are not graded. If you use an "Essay" survey question type you can gather freeform text answers from learners up to 5000 characters long. 

For the second part of your question, the Results slide in Storyline allows you to combine a final result from all the other quiz results in the same course. I would probably go about it by creating 12 scenes, each with my case study, quiz questions and results in it. Then I would create another Final Results scene where I would insert a results slide that calculates the Results from all 12 other quizzes. 

When it comes to calculating the Final Results (which tallies multiple other Result slides)  you can either have it set so the learner must pass each quiz, or you can combine points from each quiz and set a passing score. 

Hope this helps :) 

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