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Jan 30, 2013

Hi All,

Wondering if Storyline has a way of performaing these Studio/Quizmaker functions:

Allow User to Leave Quiz

I need to prevent the user from leaving the quiz so they don't review the course while taking the quiz

User May View Slides After Quiz

I need to prevent users from reviewing slides after they pass the quiz

(Hoping I don't have to custom program this with multiple master layers, etc.)

If these questions have already been answered elsewhere, I am very sorry! I just couldn't seem to find the answers online.


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Donna Morvan

Hello Keith,

I am not quite sure how to answer Question 1 "Allow User to Leave Quiz" from within Storyline. Where I work, we limit this through our LMS. We set learners to only be able to open 1 learning event at one time. This way, they can't review the courses while taking the quz.

As for "Users viewing slides after quiz", this is an option that you can configure on the result slide. Just uncheck the following options.

 Hope this helps,


Keith Kemsley

Hi Donna,

Thanks for taking time to respond!

Yes, I found the Results Slide Properties options on another post and am using those.

Does anyone know if the "Allow User to Leave Quiz" functionality is available??

(Donna, the LMS solution will not work for us because the quiz is embedded with the training in the same STORY file.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not sure that Keith is still subscribed to this thread, so you may want to send him a private message. 

Some things you might want to consider though:

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