Storyline Quiz feedback frustration


I have created a number of slides that simulate a software application.

I want the users to click on the hotspots I defined, but if they click anywhere else on the screen, I want a Try Again popup to show up on top of the slide.

Right now, when you click anywhere but the hotspot, it takes you to another slide layer.

It doesnt show the gray pop-up box. Just wa white screen with the Incorrect Please Try Again text.

I have tried to apply the feeback layout that I want to each feedback layer, but it is still not working correctly.

I do not want them to be directed to a new layer, I want the popup to appear on top of my slide.

Can you please help clarify this for me?

Thanks so much

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Samatha,

Have you inserted this as a Test mode? That way the try again layer would be able to generated automatically:

You'll also need to allow more than one attempt to see the Try again feedback. This is a new layer by default though although it looks like a pop up and the layer will be hidden when they click "Ok" or Continue. 

megan jonas

Hi everyone,

Having a similar issue. Inserted a software sim recording set to test mode with with "Show try again feedback" feature selected.

Clicking anywhere outside the hot-spot shows the try again feedback, but clicking continue forwards to next screen no matter if hotspot question is set to Submit: On Click or Submit: By Player Button

Tried duplicating my feedback master slide and altering the actions assigned to the continue button to only hide feedback layer. But that makes it so it doesn't do anything at all, sits on feedback layer.

No matter what I try with settings, It doesn't work like a try again should.

(cannot share this file)