Storyline quiz question not working properly

I've created a quiz in Storyline 2 with 20 questions, 1 results slide, 1 survey question, and a final thank you slide.

I have the survey question (one freeform text box) selected to be included in the results slide -- although as I show above, the results slide is displayed to the student before they come to the survey question.

When a student views the survey question, they cannot type in the box, and the box is empty -- the box should include "type your feedback here".  Also, that slide is set to use a Submit button, but it's displaying a Prev/Next button.  I've checked it many times in the slide properties and can't find the issue on the button.

Can I achieve what I'm trying to?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Heather,

The final thank you slide, is this a survey results slide? You may want to use this type of slide and have the Survey slide attached to this results slide. If you have a question linked to a graded results slide, and it appears after the results were submitted, it would appear to be in review mode when they get to the slide. This would be the same with graded questions after the results slide as well.

you could also  attach your file here if you would like us to look at the set up.

Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

I thought I can only report one results slide... I'm using Articulate Online to track this.  If I change my Thank You slide to be a survey results slide for that feedback question, will Articulate Online be able to track the first quiz results slide and the survey results slide in the reports?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Heather,

If the user has already visited the "results slide" the results have likely been submitted and therefore the user is unable to enter text on the survey question. I assume you're tracking the survey question as you'd like to include what the user answers as a part of a report in your LMS? Could you make the results slide the last slide that they visit - or at least include the trigger to "submit results" on that final slide? 

In regards to the missing submit button - I think we'd need to take a look at the .story file. Can you also confirm you're working locally? 

Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

Oh, I forgot you added that combined results slide feature.  One thing that worries me in that article -- "Tip: When combining multiple result slides into a master result slide, learners will need to visit each of the tracked result slides to complete the course. Otherwise, the course status will be marked incomplete." 

So, if they choose to close the browser and skip going to the feedback slide, then I would lose all their quiz results.  I'm trying to think if there's another way I could offer a feedback option that won't preclude collecting the quiz results if they skip it.

Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

Or is it just saying "it will be marked incomplete" -- but the quiz answers and score results will still be tracked?  I'd be fine with that.

I guess I'll have to test it, but I didn't want to waste time if you knew it wouldn't collect the quiz answers.  Do you know offhand?  Thanks for the help!

Emily Ruby

Hello Heather,

They would need to access the final slide for the course to mark complete, and they would need to access the survey slide for that to track as well.

The quiz data is sent when they answer the questions, and you can view the answer breakdown in your reports section on Articulate Online. 

  • Answer Breakdown: How did people answer? 

They would need to hit the final results slide to get a completion status.