Storyline Quiz-Reset Results Not Working

Hello, on the results slide - failure- of my quiz I have an option to either submit score or return to course. I have triggers set on the return to course option to take the user to a specific place in the course. This works great, however when they get to retake the quiz it lets them, but won't reset the results from the first attempt. What I am doing wrong or maybe not doing?

Please help!


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Nancy Woinoski

I am just working on something similar right now and I put the Reset Results trigger on the first slide question (It is a slide trigger set when the timeline starts. I also set the slide properties on all the quiz questions to reset to initial state on revisit and this seems to work.

I can do the quiz - review the results and then go back and do the quiz again. 

Chris Ammon

Thank you for the advice Nancy, but I'm still not having any luck. My quizzes seem to function correctly when I first set them up but then when I visit again they always show the Success layer. I have them set up so the passing score is 100% and then my success layer shows if Results.Scorepercent is greater then or equal to Results.Passpercent. The Failure slide is set to show if the variable is less than Results.Passpercent. I just tried following your advice to reset the results on slide 1 and I set every slide to reset initial state on revisit. It's making me crazy.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Chris, any chance you could post your .story file here (or at least the quiz portion)?  I would be happy to take a look at it to see if I can spot the problem.

There are so many different ways to set up quiz questions in Storyline that it is sometimes hard to troubleshoot without seeing the source.

Chris Ammon

Thanks for the offer Nancy. Attached is just the quiz. This morning I added a new Results slide after my existing Results slide, and it is working correctly. Check out the Variables manager original Results.PointsScore reference is messed up. It says the variable is used twice, but then doesn't indicate where! That's a problem.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Chris I just took a quick look at your file and it sort of works when I remove the first results slide.  I answered all the questions correctly and it took me to the Success layer. When I retake the quiz and fail it takes me to the fail layer. I can repeat this over and over which is good.

I am finding a problem with the quiz review.  If I get all the answers right and then click the review button on the results silde,  it shows that I got the anwsers  incorrect and  then directs me to the fail page.

I am not sure why this is happening but will take a further look when I have more time.  You are using the standard quiz functions so you should not have to do anything special to get this to work.  You don't even need the reset results trigger on the first slide because it is already on the retry button on the results page.

As for the variables - they look okay to me. Every time you add a results slide, a new set of results variables are created. And for some reason, even if you delete the results slide the variables remain. Right now it looks like you have duplicates because you have 2 results slides.  If you delete one of the results slides you will see that only on set of results variables is in use. - the ones that are in use will have a use count of 1 or greater.  You can see where the variables are being used by clicking on the use count number.

Daniela Schiano di Cola

Nancy Woinoski said:

Have you set the slide properties for each quiz question slide to Reset to initial state when revisiting?

Hi Nancy,

I'm have issues with reviewing my results, I would like the student to be able to see the their incorrect answer and then the correct answer marked. However, I have a layer that prevents the student from choosing an answer after the timeline ends. It seems that when I revisit the question from the results slide, the timeline continues as it was before and I cannot see the question or answers because of the layer preventing students from answering after the time is up. Is there a way to reset the timeline of that layer when reviewing, but keeping the answers they chose marked?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Daniela - how does the student exit from the question once this layer appears? Do you have a button that takes them to the next slide?  If you do then you might want to add a trigger to the button that says to close the layer when the user clicks the button.  Followed by a second trigger that says jump to the next slide when the user clicks the button.  I have not tested this so it might not work but in theory it should close the layer and then immediately jump to the next slide. Then hopefully when student does the review that layer should be closed.

Chris Ammon

Hi Andrew. I can't remember exactly how I fixed my quiz, but I can suggest you look at the Variable Manger window. From creating multiple quizzes or revising quizzes I remember having several sets of quiz variables. For example I had Results.PassPoints and Results1.PassPoints and Results2.PassPoints. So I had to make sure my final quiz was comparing the right variable when scoring. Your results page might be tallying up Results1.PassPoints while your quiz is set to write the score to Results.PassPoint or something like that. Good luck.

Warrin Richins

I am having the same problem as mentioned- After failing the quiz, my students are directed to a re-learn page followed by re-taking the quiz. if I get 100% the second time, I will still get the failure slide on the results slide. It is Possible that what Chris said above is the answer to my problem however, being less than average in all things technological, I cant  understand what that means. any solutions out there? 

Angela Wilson
Nancy Woinoski

Hi Daniela - how does the student exit from the question once this layer appears? Do you have a button that takes them to the next slide?  If you do then you might want to add a trigger to the button that says to close the layer when the user clicks the button. 


I was having an issue similar to this, and I could NOT believe I forgot to add the "hide this layer" trigger. Thank you!

Eimantas Kazlauskas

I had a similar case and was frustrated and found that changing order of triggers on the same button solved my problem.
In my case students were either: a) able to go directly and redo the quiz (which worked). b) go and review the material and then go back to the quiz (which did not work and results and previous answers stayed)

So what solved my problems was trigger order:
Instead of:
 1. Jump to slide yy;
2. Reset Results of Result Slide
to ->
1. Reset Results of Result Slide 
2. Jump to slide yy

Might help someone :)

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for popping in to share Eimantas! I think trigger order is something that has probably gotten us all at some point.

Articulate Storyline lets you apply multiple triggers to the same object. You can also apply triggers to master slides and content slides. Here are the rules regarding the order in which all these triggers get executed when learners view your published course.