Storyline quiz results in SCORM 1.2


As I understand it, Storyline modules published for SCORM 1.2 output a raw score every time a question is submitted, whereas Quizmaker waits until all questions are submitted. So how does a Storyline module indicate that a quiz is finished and, therefore, the raw score is final? Lesson status doesn't convey this information. With LMS reporting set to Passed/Incomplete, 'Incomplete' just shows that the pass mark was not achieved. This could be because the module closed prematurely.

I look forward to being enlightened!

Many thanks.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

Storyline will communicate the data detailed here for each question slide, but then would need to also be tracked by a results slide at the end of the quiz to report on the total score. 

You mentioned that your course was marked incomplete, and thought it was due to closing it prematurely, did you mean just closing the module before meeting the completion requirement or closing the course and resuming it as described here? 

Sue Rennoldson

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply. We have a results slide in each quiz but scores are reported even if a quiz ends prematurely, without displaying a results slide. I raised a support case a few weeks ago, but need to know what SCORM 1.2 data item flags this premature ending. I don't think lesson status does this (we use the Passed/Incomplete reporting option).

Best wishes,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

Thanks for sharing the case numbers here with us. Are you still receiving the 401 errors? Were you able to follow the steps John mentioned:

Thank you for sending the debug logs. We have reviewed them and we see a
lot of 401 errors related to LMSGetValue and LMSSetValue.

401 is a not implemented error, which looks to happen when an attempt to
communicate with the SCORM API (GrabAPI) is sent.
There are a few times where the course gets no error, but that seems to be
few and far between.

This is the reason that you are experiencing the issues with your LMS. We
would recommend that your LMS developers reach out to Rustici
( if they need assistance resolving this going

If you have a debug log you can share, we can try to take a look and see if we can point out where things are being flagged.