Storyline Quiz Results variables

I have a presentation where the user needs to answer 3 drag and drop multiple choice questions.  Everyone answers Q1 and Q2, then on the next slide, they select their appropriate job class and are branched off to five different Q3.  (Just to make it easy, all correct answers for Q3 slides are the third option)   How do I make the Result slide capture Q1, Q2 and only one of the Q3 questions?  Does my delemma make sense?  I have attached the slides for reference.  Help Please anyone?

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Kari Cummings

Hi all!  Yes, I kind of found a solution...After working with AS for several years, I took Advanced training (for the 2nd time) with Storyline 2 - It made a lot more sense to me this time around.  Am I still great with variables? NO.  Would I still like more variable training?  YES!  The reality is that I could learn on my own with trial and error.  However, I am not provided with informal "training time" during my employment hours due to the number, intensity and due dates of projects, and I don't have the program at home to play with.   Still requesting an AS2 Advanced variables training!