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Aug 17, 2012

Hi.  I have a course with 5 scenes with 10 quiz questions dispersed throughout.  When I try using the "Review Quiz" button I can review the first quiz question but the "Next" button will not advance to question #2.  I can click on the individual quiz questions using the menu on the left but I think this would be difficult for learners.

Any thoughts?

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Jeff Nauman

Phil... I posted a question on this subject an hour or so ago (didn't find this thread until now)... Apologies to the group. I saw a similar short thread started back in May but no resolution or updates since. I'm guessing it's a dead topic, but it certainly would seem to put a damper on creativity when it comes to building quizzes with the flexibility to intersperse questions throughout. If learners have to navigate all of your non-question slides to review the quiz, design becomes a bit restrictive and problematic. I will submit a feature request and see what happens. Thanks.

Jeff Nauman

Hi Lisa,

I've heard no more on the topic and I've pretty much had to change my approach to quiz construction regarding dispersement of questions throughout the program. If I must do that, I don't allow a quiz review. If I build a standalone quiz, I'll generally include the review button. Hopefully the Articulate gang can get this worked out for us in the coming update.

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