Storyline quiz settings

I have created a course in Storyline with some question slides included. The navigation is set to show a next and submit button on each quiz slide.

Some of the questions slides allow the learner to click next without answering the question. Other question slides bring up a pop-up screen with the message: "Invalid answer, you must complete the question before submitting," when the learner clicks next.

Where can I change the settings, so all questions behave in the same way?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sunet and welcome to Heroes! 

This tutorial will walk you through how to change the submit behavior for all your questions to match. As you'll see at the bottom of the tutorial, there is a caution when using the Next/Prev buttons and Submit:

When you use the Prev and Next navigation buttons rather than the default Submit button for question slides, it is easy for users to skip questions without answering them.  If they reach the result slide without answering all the questions, be aware that this will impact the tabulated results.  

Therefore, if you want users to answer all the questions, you may also want to review this tutorial, which describes how you can ask users to confirm that they have answered all the questions and are ready to submit their answers before they get to the result slide.