Storyline Quiz Settings

Hi..watching tutorials. I am trying to edit a quiz developed by another developer. How do I know if a quiz was created as "pick one"? I don't see any language to indicate. If it was created that way, can it be modified to allow multiple attempts? I changed attempts to 2 but question does not allow me to select the other answer. What I am trying to do is have the learner select the correct answer before they can move on, basically gatekeeping to ensure they discover the correct answer before moving to the next question. Thanks, Julie

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Ben Sewell

A pick one question will only allow you to select one answer to submit, so it sounds like this may be a "Pick one".

"Attempts" is how many times you can have a go at the question (if more than 1, then you will get a "try again" layer). You could simply set this to "unlimited" so that they keep guessing until correct, but I'd be tempted to just give them feedback on the correct answer if they fail twice.