Storyline Quiz Showing Answers Incorrectly on Quiz Review


I'm completing a curriculum in 6 modules. At the end of each, there are 4 or 5 review questions with a results slide that lets people review their answers. At the moment, one of the modules is working correctly, but reviewing the questions in the others says they are all answered incorrectly, even when the question-by-question feedback says they've been answered correctly. I can't spot the difference between the files that's causing this to happen. I have set each question to return to the initial state on revisit, so that people can try them more than once. Is the results slide resetting them and declaring them incorrect during the review?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Jennifer Ritter

I've run into this too. But when I set the question slides to automatically decide their state upon re-visit I'm still seeing the answers from the previous attempt. The complication in my case is that the learner is permitted to leave the quiz in the middle if they want. The idea is that they can leave at any point, but if they come back to it they start over and have to re-answer all of the questions.

Any ideas?

Johnathan Morton

I am having a similar issue.  I have a simple 3 question quiz, the user is allowed to retry each question until they answer correctly.  This means that after seeing the "Incorrect Answer" dialog box, and selecting Continue, they are brought back to that same question/slide.  For this to work, I have to set the Properties of the question/slide to "Reset to Initial State" when revisiting. 

My problem is that on the Results Slide they need the option to go back and Review their answers.  But when the user selects to Review the answers, the questions slides go back to their Initial State, and show them as incorrect. 

Is there a way to accomplish both?  Or any other ideas on how this could be done?  Again, the user would have the ability to answer each question until they answered correctly, AND they would have the option to Review those correct answers.  As far as I can tell, one requires the Question Slides to be set to "Resest..." and the other requires the Question Slides to be set to "Automatically Decide". 


Johnathan Morton

Thank you Leslie.  I am new to Articulate and clearly missed a pretty simple task.  I thought I had selected Unlimited for all the question slides... I had not.  The quiz now works properly when I preview it in Articulate.

Sadly, and maybe this isn't the best place to ask, but when I publish the course, and run the learning activity in my LMS (SuccessFactors), it acts as though Unlimited is not selected. I cannot retry any of the questions, when the Retry layer is shown, you click the button and that layer is hidden, and the timeline does not resest for the question slide, I can't go forward or change my answer.  I did check with them, and they say it's got to be something in the content.  But I check the content using Preview in Articulate and works like a charm.  And I'm at a bit of a loss.  Any assistance would be appreciated.