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Apr 29, 2014


I have a client asking to create what amounts to a combination of a quiz and survey. They have a list of questions for the end user, and some are Yes/No questions (no correct/incorrect response) and some that are graded. Graded questions will require a mastery score of 80%.

The client would like to track the information and learn which responses users chose to determine if further training is needed, and about which topics.

My questions are:

1) How do I collect the response data within my LMS? I noted that Storyline can output and send student_response data, though I have no idea how to capture it in an LMS report.

2) Can you collect response data for all questions, but only score some against the mastery score?

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil, 

I see you found the documentation about what data is sent to an LMS, but it'll be up to your LMS to report that data to you and provide it in a way for you to read. You'll want to check in with your LMS team to see what options you have for reporting out on the behavior. You'll want to include a results slide for the graded questions and the survey questions, and then you can use a master results slide to track both of them.  Also, if you'll be using some of the survey questions I wanted to let you know that the Likert survey responses are often not accessible within the LMS. 

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