Storyline quizzes not reporting in Moodle when students using Chrome


Storyline quizzes are not reporting to Moodle correctly if students are using Chrome. They are in IE/Firefox.

For example in Chrome the maximum grade a student can get is 30/100 and it records as incomplete.

In IE and Firefox it reports as set up as the accurate grade and passed/failed.


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Dan Marsden

Sounds weird - are you able to reproduce this? - or is just one particular student that has been having this problem? - Can you see if any errors appear in the Chrome Developer toolbar/console when using the SCORM package?

Also - what Moodle version? - how/where is it hosted? - we have seen someone reporting interesting behaviour specific to Chrome and SCORM recently in the Moodle forums:

it would be good if you could check the browser console to see if any errors occur when using the course in chrome to see if that might be related.

Janine Richardson

Hi Dan, it happens to all Chrome users attempting the quiz. Had a similar issue last week with an articulate online assignment whereby none of the text entry essay/short answers would report for anyone using Chrome.

I'll find out from our LMS support team the answers to your questions above. This is a major issue at our University and may sadly mean no more Storyline quizzes or activities.


Janine Richardson

Replies from IT in-house...

From Chrome Developer Tools/console we didn’t get any error, only warning message. See screen shot image Capture3.JPG

Capture.JPG shows answered correctly for question 2, but when review the answers shows question 2 is incorrect (see Capture2.JPG).

I think Chrome didn’t catch the right value. 

Currently we are running Moodle in Version 3.1.6, and selfhosted on Ubuntu server, PHP version 5.5.9. 


Dan Marsden

Cool - that pretty much confirms that it's not a Moodle issue but is an issue with the SCORM package itself. (Just got a call from your in-house IT on my cell too) :-)

the warning error shown in chrome there related to xmlhttprequest is a warning and shows on all uses of SCORM in Moodle and doesn't affect the acual usage of the scorm.

You might want to include details on the version of Articulate you are using - hopefully someone else here might be able to help further with this specific package. If no-one responds here you might be able to try asking for help via: