Storyline quizzing slides


I ran into a problem with the Storyline quizzing slides.

In fact, despite the fact that I included the "submit"

button in every slide, the system doesn't seem to care about it,

allowing me to complete the test (and giving back the final results)  

even if I don't confirm my answers with "submit".

Indeed, I can simply answer and click "next", and the answers keep tracked.

Did anybody else go into the same issue?



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Will Bladon

Not noticed that before!

I think that the quiz is marked and scored as soon as you go on to the 'Results' slide (If you click 'Next' or 'Submit'). Therefore if a learner doesnt go to the results slide until they have wanted to submit the answers then they would remain unmarked.

So...if you were to hide the results slide, and make the learner click a 'Final Submit' type button, that would then direct them to the results slide, the learner could then go back and forwards changing the questions however they liked until they click the 'Final Submit' button.

I think the results slide needs to be hidden as otherwise if the learner keeps clicking 'next' or 'submit' then as soon as they encounter the end of the quiz- and results slide, it will mark all their answers whether they wanted them marked or not.

Hope that helps