Storyline - remembering where the learner is - turn it off?

Hi All, 

Just a quick question here - I know that Storyline automatically remembers where a learner is. This means that when a learner uses one of my slides and clicks on a layer, if they come back to this slide later on they automatically see the layer as they left it. 

However, I dont want this to happen. I want them to see the original slide without any layers showing. How can I stop Storyline from remembering this?

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Antony Snow

Hi Richard,

Do you mean when a learner returns to a slide they have previously viewed in the same session i.e. without closing the course and then re-launching it? You should be able to click on the cog icon to open the slide properties, click on the drop-down next to 'When revisiting' and then select 'Reset to Initial State'.

If you want the learner to start a new session from the beginning when they re-launch the course, this is controlled via the player properties: Click on 'Player' and then select 'Other'. Under 'Resume' options, click on the drop-down next to 'On restart' and select 'Never resume.'