Storyline Removing Images and Sound

Jan 18, 2018

Hello all,

Me and my colleagues are experiencing a constant issue with Storyline 360: it removes, or becomes unable to display, pictures or play inserted audio.

All the files are stored on a network drive, but the files we use are stored in the same drive/location on that network, so we're not inserting audio or pictures from a drive outside of the network. The storyline program however, is installed on the local drive of the computers we use.

The issue occurs at random, in random places of a project, but happens often enough that it is becoming very annoying to say the least.

Let's say we have a project that we've started, it has 10 slides and on each slide there is a piece of audio and a collection of pictures/images. We save it to the network and everything is fine. We open the project at a later date, continue to do some more work, lets say we time our text and images with the audio. Save it and close.

Then, the next time we open it, on three of the screens, the images have disappeared and, regardless of their size, are shown as same-sized, empty squares (like a shape with "no fill" selected).

A similar thing happens with audio in that it doesn't play and if we try opening the audio editor for that particular clip, the audio editor opens without any sound in it and cannot be closed, forcing us to force-close storyline itself and then re-opening the program. This can be especially annoying if we have not saved any work prior to opening the audio editor on such a clip as it means we lose any work done up to that point because storyline does not allow you to interact with anything other than the audio editor until it is closed.

The only thing we can do is copy the files, both images and sound files, to the clipboard, then paste them into their respective folders (so the file names display "copy" in the name) and re-insert them again before deleting the original files and removing "copy" from the copied files. If we try just re-inserting the original files, we're given the empty square treatment and storyline will not display the image or play the audio file. This takes time.

Is Storyline 360's network behaviour something that can be looked into? We have very limited storage on our local drives and cannot rely on saving projects to local storage before migrating them over to network storage.


Edit: The audio and image files are not corrupted in anyway, and this issue has presented itself in every storyline 360 file we've created over the last month or two.

Kind regards,


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Sam Barnard

I suspected that the files being stored on a network drive might have been the problem, and I can see that Articulate state " hosting published output on a network drive isn't supported".

However, we're not hosting the content on a network drive. We are merely saving our Storyline files until they're ready to be published and then once this is done, the published files are stored in an LMS.

The problem is with unpublished storyline files, those with the extension ".story".

And I mentioned we have very limited local storage. I guess I'm hoping this is something that could be looked into in the future.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

Both hosting published output and working off of .story files from a network drive are things we'd advise against and don't support. 

If you need to back up your .story files to a network drive, I definitely understand that! You'll want to download the file to your local hard drive, and open/edit there. Once your done, save the file locally and then move back to your network drive.

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